USS Indianapolis CA-35 ."RADIO"
WW2IND......WWII call sign.."NABD"

QSL Info is good on, please include a 5x7 SASE envelope for our 5 x 7 Certificate.
last updated: - 27 Jul 2018 ..

.UFA...:Due to Ind.War Museum, Safety & Construction concerns...
WW2IND will be operationg from alternate Club Sites...
****Call sign = WW2IND/A (alternate)
Sked remains the same...UFA

WW2IND ) HAM Radio station ...Weekly Radio Operations Sked!

More info please email Chuck- W9IH

USS Indy-Ham radio stations are Located in the INDIANA War Memorial 55 E.. Michigan st , Indianapolis IN..(use north entrance)
(Visiting Ham operators must be assisted by USS Indy radio ham radio volunteers)

Amateur radio ops sked Changes weekly, please check back often.
(For Special Ops requests contact.. W9IH)



Weekly_ On The Air Sked(proposed)




USS Indy Radio Hams


each (Sun)

1400-1800 Z

From WW2IND Exhibit


 10,15,20 & 40m SSB

each (Wed)

1400-1800 Z

From WW2IND Exhibit


  7.060 mhz CW
20/40ssb & 40m AM


1400-1800 Z

From WW2IND Exhibit


  20/40m SSB

Sometimes & on reqst.

1400-1800 Z


  +D-Star ref30C or w9ice port-A


Feb 26 , 2011 Hams in the exhibit! ................................ WW2IND Board mtng 25 Feb 2018 |

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