Indiana War Memorial Museum,

USS Indy Radio  &  Exhibit.                                                          Date: 02 Feb 2011


Brief history.


2005 a group of 4 people headed by Chuck W9IH approached World Wide Museum ships

event committee (USS Salem CA-139) for permission to participate as one of the

89 museum ships during the June 5th event that year.


Participating during the event were Amateur radio operators “Hams” from the Indianapolis &

surrounding communities. Some were members of the Indianapolis Radio Club, The

Hoosier DXER's , some weren’t even hams but wanted to help. Many of the Hams were

members of more than one club.


They operated from a Building in the area of the USS Indianapolis Memorial located on the
north end of the Canal during the “SHIPS Event “ in 2005, 2007 & 2008 as the
USS Indy Radio memorial station (CA-35). By 2008 the Group had become know as the

USS Indy Radio Ham group and number about 50 for operators and 6 to 10 for equipment support.
They have operated  “Ships Event" in 2009 & to present day as well.(2017)

( all coordinated by Chuck W9IH a life member of the Indianapolis Radio club (IRC))

The IRC is the oldest USA Ham radio club with beginnings back to 1914.


Late In 2008 USS Indy Radio approached the Indiana War Memorial Museum (IWM)
for permission to build the now existing USS Indianapolis Radio exhibit.
The Entire project was coordinated by Chuck, which involved more than 275 donations from
more than 88 separate donors and about 30 volunteers which took 8 months to complete.
Project was done with Donations totaling more than $80,000.

The exhibit was formally completed on Nov 7th 2009 and open to the public.


Helping construct and maintain all of the 8- WW2 Transmitters and 24- antique receivers,

power supplies and various test equipment were local Indy volunteers. Not all were Amateur

radio operators. Some volunteers were ex US Navy, Army & Air Force veterans.


Currently the exhibit is maintained and operated by 8-10 volunteers who give the life to this

IWM permanent, living WW2 radio exhibit honoring the USS Indianapolis Cruiser ship
and US radiomen form the 1940's to 1960's..

Exhibit is open during Musuem hours (0900-1700 Wed-Sun)
Radio Exhibit volunteers are available on Wed, Thur & Sunday Mornings..


The USS Indy radio Group operates separately while inviting and including Ham operators

youth groups, visitors and volunteers to enjoy the exhibit.


For more info: goto..


By ;

Chuck Crist-W9IH

IWM,CA35 Radio Exhibit Volunteer


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