USS INDIANAPOLIS - CA-35  (memorial)

Several Shipboard Receivers are displayed in the USS Indianapolis Radio room Exhibit.
[]Main radio ops area has RAK,RAL,RBA,RBB,RBC,RAO & RBK receivers . PIX .5-144Mhz range   *Receiver Mixer
[]2nd area has TCS Receiver ;part of a system. PIX HF 1.8-21 mhz range
[]3rd area has TBS Receiver ;part of a system. PIX 40-80 Mhz range.
[]4th area is the Tech /Work bench area it has BC-348,S-20R & Sp-600 Receivers. PIX .5-54 Mhz range.

Some units received power from Dynamotor sets, others relied on the ships main power sources.
Exhibit volunteers are currently constructing AC power supplies that will enable us to return
the old Receivers to service using the similar design antennas..
  • TCS Receiver.. On the Air Capable!  *TCS Receiver FP view[ 1.8-21 mhz ]AM & CW; Unit is part of a TCS system!.

  • RCK Receiver .."Work in Progress"  !23jan16  *RCK VHF Receiver FP view[115-152 Mhz ]AM ; inconjunction w/TDQ VHF-XCVR system!;
    (adj. For 144.4? Mhz):TNX to Doug-kc5ksg(TX),IWM Radio rm Arvl PIX->  Arvl Creat on dolly;  Unpak team,tnx dave & ted;
     IWM Support,tnx George,Tim, Jermey & Robert  RCK to test bench in radio exhibitRCK ready for testing  RCK"look inside";
    Tnx to Mike-wa9fdo for S&H!
    1st test/construction pix:  Ted & Dave start cks  Bak Pnl connectors  RF section view  inside view ac fuse&plug  1st pwr on test-good
     RCK w/ Mot Spkr.
    Also "TDQ" on Xmtr Page   WWII Transmitters page  Radio"Exhibit TDQ/RCK display-ops position!"
  • TBS Receiver .."Work in Progress"  !  *TBS Receiver FP view[40-80 Mhz ]AM & CW; Unit is part of a TBS system!; (adj. For 50.4 Mhz)
  • WWII Ops bench Receivers;  !  All..On Air Capable!
  • *RAK-8 FP view  [ .1-600 Khz ]  *RAL-7 FP View [.1-22 Mhz ]On Exhibit Bench 2&3, Usually operated as a pair?
  •  *RBA FP View [.015-.6 Khz ]On Exhibit Bench 2, Usually operated with RBB as a pair? ALSo with TAJ & TDE transmitter.
      *RBA ant repair, tnx Dave [ .1-600 Khz ] *RBA Antenna Conn.(SO239-Sub)view
  • * RBB-2 FP View  [.5-4.0 Mhz]On Exhibit Bench 1&3, Usually operated with RBC as a pair?
  • * RBC-1 FP View  [ 4.0-27 Mhz ]On Exhibit Bench 1&4, Usually operated with RBB as a pair?
  • * RAO-9 FP View  [.54-30 Mhz ]On Exhibit Bench 4, Back-up & Entertainment!
  • * RBK-1 FP View  [27-144 Mhz ]On Exhibit Bench 3, "UHF Rcvr"!

  • Maint bench receivers page  !  All..On Air Capable!
  • *BC-348 FP View [.54-30 Mhz ] to be used with the ART-13 Transmitter(on Air)
  • *Hallicrafter S-20R FP View  [ .54-44 Mhz] AM,CW & SSb  General Coverage[455kc IF & BFO Freq.! (Back up & Trouble shooting)1932-45
  • * Hammerlund SP-600 FP View  [ .54-54 Mhz ] to be used with the ART-13 Transmitter(on Air)& Trouble shooting
  • Hallicrafter S-53  .54-54 Mhz] AM,CW & SSb  General Coverage[2.075mc IF & BFO Freq.;1939-45.
  • *Hallicrafter S-53 FP View  [ |* S-53 on Ham2 bench,FP View |*Hallicrafter S-53 Bak Pnl View  [

    Submitted By;

    Chuck Crist -W9IH

    Coordinator Ham radio operations

  • Under Construction! Last Update: 19 feb 2017
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