(USS Indy Radio Room Exhibit)

Hamilton Co. Scouts from troops #186,152,199,293,400 & 595 visited the WW2IND station.!
All (11) were participants in Badge Counselor John Brooks-N9KYC, Radio Merit badge class.
This visit allowed them to make live on the AIR ham radio contacts. Class was accompanied by 7 of the parents.
Below are some pix from their visit & On The Air Ham radio operations.
March 19th, 2011 (SAT)

Indiana War Memorial museum:

USS Indy Radio Central exhibit....

Completeing the Radio badge course visiting scouts made approx. 30 QSO's with
(off site Hams)Bob-W9PSE, Rudy-KN9C, Barry-KW9DX & Tom-K9XV on 2,10 & 40 Meter hams freq.'s.
Each Scout received a WW2IND QSL card with their contact information .!
They even got some CW (morse code ) practice time on the KE9YA CW station.
Assisting the BSA class in the IWM, USS INDY Radio exhibit,
N9IZN-Ed, N9KZJ-Dave, KC9TRV-Ted & W9IH-Chuck .

The troop plans to return for another Ham radio only day in the future.!!


TS830 & 10m Setup       2M Station was by HT on local repeaters

10m OPS       40M Station was on WW2IND wire antenns

More 10m Scout operators       40 meter got a work out.

Several Scouts expressed a serious interest in getting a ham radio license.!

Radiomen Video Interviews run daily (WED-SUN ..9AM-5PM )at
the Indiana War Memorial Museum, USS Indy Radio room exhibit.



Submitted By;

Chuck Crist -W9IH

Coordinator Ham radio operations

WW2IND  Trustee


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