USS INDIANAPOLIS - CA-35 (memorial)

WW2INDAmateur radio station

2009 Museum Ships on the air.
June 5th, 6th & 7th
Ops time: June 5th-0000Z (Fri eve 8PM)to June 7th-2359Z (sun eve 8PM) 48 hours.

(84) ships registered to participate in 2009! ...USS Indianapolis CA-35 operated only 38 hours on 17,20,40 & 80 meters.


2009 Museum Ships Event; WW2IND Review



USS Indy Radio operated (3) ham stations from the USS Indy Monument;Canal location.
Station 1 -20m CW & SSB;
Station 2- 40m CW & SSB and
Station 3- 30(cw),17(SSB) & 80m(am/cw/ssb) .

Special thanks to our sponsors and Hams.

Thanks to Barb-KB9BSV & Helpers for the drinks & food !!! Good .


  2009 Ships event Ops certificate (pdf)
  2009 Ships event WW2IND certificate (pdf)

Best bands were:..20 - 40 -17 & 80m
CW on:.. 40 -30 & 80m (92 Q's)
AM on:.. 80m (9 Q's no ships!)
Ships worked during the event:...(29)
Total contacts:.. 1499 for 38 hours.

Radio Operators:...(47)

1st name -Call.: Barry-KW9DX; Chuck-W9IH; Mike-KE9YA; Bill-WY9T; Ron-WB9DKL;
Mel-KJ9C; Jerry-KC9DKB; Barb-KB9BSV, Rhonda-N9YDQ; Fred-KC9FLB; Brian-W9IND;
Pat-N2DKB; Chris-KG6ZIJ; Jackie-KI6QOG; Sam-WA9VBG; John-K9GZR, Albert-WY9J;
Dennis-K9JZZ; Wayne-KE9P, Dave-N9KZJ; Ed-N9IZN; Steve-N9WVV; Bob-W9PSE;
Jeff-KB9WZH; Hank-K9LZJ; Bryan-W9JAZ; Dovid-N9APE; Jim-K9RU; Dan-KE9Y;
Bryce-KC9PKU; Rudy-KN9C; Jake-KC9OAD; Brian-KC9OAG; Tom-K9XV; Dave-N9QVO;
KB9RDS-Steve, Ken-KJ9B; Dave-N9XOQ; John-N9CD; Travis-W8QHB; Randy-KA7BSA;
Jake-KC9KCM;Bob-W9ETA; Steve-N9OI; Heather-KB9ZLB; Mike-W9SU; Fred-KC9HMO.

2009 operators Sked used! Click here for Approx. Ops times..



Antennas... suported by 110 ft. Crane boom.
#1..Beam 3element ...20-15-10m
#2..wire inverted "vee"...80-40m
#3..wire OCF "windom"...30-17-80m
All stations ran IC756 ProII radios < running 100 watts


PIX from ops day:

Wall Banner displayed on wall has radio rooms from other Cruiser ships; there are
no USS Indy Radio room PIX available.


Her mast stood approximately 130 feet above the water, the 10 battle stars painted on her bow, reminded most of the outstanding
service to our country in time of war. Today the USS Indianapolis is remembered as a memorial located on the scenic north end of the
Indianapolis Indiana downtown canal. This is the place where the survivors from her sinking on July 30, 1945 meet to remember those
tragic days and their fallen shipmates. About 19 survivors attend the June 5th reunion; ceremony at the
CA-35 memorial site supported by family, friends and military personnel; saying thanks for the freedom the old ship and crew
provided through their service.

Thanks to those who helped make our (4th) Ships On the AIR EVENT successful:!!!
USS INDY OTA Sponsors: Indiana University, REI Management,Ihets, Indianapolis Radio Club, Thompson (RCA) Ham club,
Maxim Crane. ,Prime Distribution Services, Indianapolis Radio League & FireHouse Photo Labs.


Submitted By;

Chuck Crist -W9IH


USS INDY OTA event. June 2009

The Museum Ships event is sponsored by the USS New Jersey BB-62 radio club.... for more info click here

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