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  (Pix found during our radio equipment info search!) .....[[]] indicates Navy ships used for our Radio room Exhibit!

Interviews with WWII USN Radio Men and research of several existing US Navy ship museum's
help us arrive at the final display for the Indianapolis ; US Navy WWII Radio Room Exhibit.
  *USS Indy Radio RM pix  (proposed)

IWM US Navy WWII Radio room Exhibit -radio gear suggested.        

05 feb2009 ...Crist


Since the USS Salem, Littlerock & Slater were very similar ships to the USS Indianapolis
and the USS Cassin young & USS North Carolina Radio gear is the same time period (1944-1950).

The Gear listed is our wish list for the IWM US Navy WWII Radio room exhibit.


# ..indicates ones we will use in the IWM US Navy radio room exhibit.

##.. indicates 2nd choice.

p..indicates the info page location in the Navy equip. Catalogue.


We need Pictures of the # or ## gear listed and any donation of these items is needed to complete

The Radio room exhibit. ( Mock-up Pix will fill in until described item can be donated.)


Radio #1 Display

Click on links for pix+info..

receivers:  (mock -up all 3)

[ ]# AN/URR-RBA 600 Khz.---CW/AM (-1) or (-6)  p46 __DD793 USS Cassin Young

[ ]#AN/URR-RBB receiver..500Khz to 4 Mhz.---CW/AM (-1) or (-6)  p48 _DD793 & DE-766 USS Slater & BB-55

[ ]#AN/URR-RBC receiver..4Mhz to 27 Mhz. ----CW/AM   p48_____CA-139 USS Salem & BB-55


Receivers in Aft radio room were:

[ ]##-AN/URR-RBS   2Mhz. to 20 Mhz.--- CW/AM (-1) or (-6)  p69___DD793 & CA-139 (optional)

[ ]#-AN/URR-RBB 500Khz. to 4Mhz. ---CW/AM (-1) or (-6)  p48


Transmitters are : (mock-up (1)

[ ]# AN/SRT-TAJ ..175Khz. to 600Khz.---CW/AM   500 W (-2) p94____BB-55 North Carolina


[ ]# AN/SRT-TBA  4Mhz. to 26Mhz.---  CW/AM   600 W (-6) p99  (Stand alone rack)___CA-139 & ____BB-55 North Carolina

(perfer to Moch-up this Transmitter ; doubt we will find one!)


[ ]# AN/URT-TCK 2Mhz. to 18.1Mhz.---AM -100 W   CW-40W  p100 ____BB-55 North Carolina

TCZ  2Mhz. to 18 Mhz. ---p155 ____BB-55 North Carolina


Transmitters in aft radio room were :

AN/URT-TCK ..2Mhz. to 18.1 Mhz.---

[ ] #AN/URT-TCZ  2Mhz. to 18 Mhz. another TCZ-- p154..CA-139 Salem & ____BB-55 North Carolina


or AN/SRT-TDE  p158...DE-766 Slater & ____BB-55 North Carolina


Note:1..seems to be a discrepancy data collected and this info..USS Indy supposedly had (2) radio room

1-FWD & 1 AFT. not 3  ? ...CCrist


Misc. Added: (need data on these Items and better pix.)

[ ].#.Transmitter Transfer Switch board ..SB-83/SRT (pix) no data.

[ ].#.Transmitter Transfer Switch board ..SB-863/SRT  (pix) no data.

[ ].#.Radio Set control..C-1138/UR  (pix) no data.

[ ].#.CW key, SB-315 A-U (pix) no data.

[ ].#.CW Key & Control  NT26012  (pix) no data.


Other 1944 Rcvrs:(not used) (optional)

AN/URR- RAO-3...540-30mc p38

AN/URR -RAX-7....5-600kc  (no data)

AN/URR -RAL-7....3-23mc  p38

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