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US Navy WWII Radio Room Exhibit
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  Pix found during our radio equipment info search! .....were used to compile the USS Indy Radio room Exhibit Drawing !
There were TWO (2) Radio rooms on the USS Indianapolis; Main & AFT.
Only the Main or Radio central is being replicated at the Indiana War Memorial

  *3D view Radio Central

IWM US Navy WWII Radio room Exhibit radio gear to be displayed.        


##.. indicates 2nd choice.

The Radio room exhibit. ( Mock-up Pix will fill in until described item can be donated.)


Radio #1 Display

Click on links for pix+info..

receivers:  (mock -up all 3)

[ ]# AN/URR-RBA 600 Khz.---CW/AM (-1) or (-6)  DONATED..Stan-AC5TW

[ ]#AN/URR-RBB receiver..500Khz to 4 Mhz.---CW/AM (-1) or (-6)  DONATED..Stan-AC5TW

[ ]#AN/URR-RBC receiver..4Mhz to 27 Mhz. ----CW/AM  


[ ]# AN/URR-RAK receiver...---CW/AM (-1) or (-6)  DONATED..Stan-AC5TW

[ ]# AN/URR-RAL receiver..---CW/AM (-1) or (-6)  DONATED..Stan-AC5TW


Receivers in Aft radio room were:

[ ]##-AN/URR-RBS   2Mhz. to 20 Mhz.--- CW/AM (-1) or (-6)  (optional)

[ ]#-AN/URR-RBB 500Khz. to 4Mhz. ---CW/AM (-1) or (-6)  p48


Transmitters are : (mock-up (1)

[ ]# AN/SRT-TAJ ..175Khz. to 600Khz.---CW/AM   500 W (-2)


[ ]# AN/SRT-TBA  4Mhz. to 26Mhz.---  CW/AM   600 W (-6) p99  (Stand alone rack)

(perfer to Moch-up this Transmitter ; doubt we will find one!)


[ ]# AN/URT-TCK 2Mhz. to 18.1Mhz.---AM -100 W   CW-40W 

TCZ  2Mhz. to 18 Mhz. --


Transmitters in aft radio room were :

AN/URT-TCK ..2Mhz. to 18.1 Mhz.---

[ ] #AN/URT-TCZ  2Mhz. to 18 Mhz. another TCZ--




Note:1..seems to be a discrepancy data collected and this info..USS Indy supposedly had (2) radio room

1-FWD & 1 AFT. not 3  ? ...CCrist


Misc. Added: (need data on these Items and better pix.)

[ ].#.Transmitter Transfer Switch board ..SB-83/SRT (pix) no data.

[ ].#.Transmitter Transfer Switch board ..SB-863/SRT  (pix) no data.

[ ].#.Radio Set control..C-1138/UR  (pix) no data.

[ ].#.CW key, SB-315 A-U (pix) no data.

[ ].#.CW Key & Control  NT26012  (pix) no data.


Other 1944 Rcvrs:(not used) (optional)

AN/URR- RAO-3...540-30mc p38

AN/URR -RAX-7....5-600kc  (no data)

AN/URR -RAL-7....3-23mc  p38

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