USS INDIANAPOLIS - CA-35  (memorial)

Indianapolis, US Navy WWII Radio room exhibit ...1945 Radio call sign: "NABD"
The Amateur (ham) radio Station( WW2IND ) is being incorporated into the
display located on the main floor with in 40ft of the the existing USS Indy exhibits of the
Indiana War Memorial at 431 North Meridian st., Indinapolis IN.

Pic @ 2009, May .   (Under Construction)   
<-(current Indianapolis radio room exhibit)
  • Indianapolis; US Navy WWII Radio room exhibit Info:

  • (WW2IND) Amateur radio station Info:


    There are no USS Indy Radio room PIX available.

    The US Navy WWII Radio room is being replicated from Other USS Curiser Ships of the same time period
    and memories of Navy personnel Past and present.
    Project Donors & Support Info:

    Special Thanks to Brig. Gen Stewart Goodwin  Photo for allowing us the opportunity to help with this exhibit.

    Thanks to the following for Donations of Information, Equipment & Money to support this exhibit.
    History donations:
  • Indiana War Memeorial : Museum;  Photo Director,Ethan Wright and Staff Don Hickey Photo
  • Building & Exhibit upKeep Staff:  Rufus & Rod Special thanks
  • US Navy Histroical Archive Center.TCK-3 Transfer PIX page
  • USS Salem Museum staff.
  • USS Littlerock Museum staff.
  • USS Slater Museum.
  • USS Alabama Park; Mobile , AL
  • USN Historical Center ,Washington, DC
    Donations In-Kind or Equipment or both:
  • Stan- AC5TW (USS Alabama BB-60 WWII USN Radio Tech)
      *Donated WWII USN gear   *Donated WWII USN transmitter!!   *Donated WWII USN TBS Trancvr. system!!   *IWM Thank you!!
  • Tim Rand Longmont,CO.   *Donated WWII USN TAJ Transmitter   
  • USN Historical Center Washington D.C..   *Loaned WWII USN TCK Transmitter   
  • TEN-TEC Amateur Radio Inc.   *Ham#1_Ten-Tec Jupiter 538 & 707 Mic donation! Thanks
  • A Senior Moment Inc & Penske Leasing. Teena & Nick 317-783-4100
  • Pat-W9GTA(MAI Prime parts.) ph 317-257-6811; Mgr; Oren|sponsors
  • Jay Kraus(Hoover Sheet Metal co.) ph 317-375-6220
  • Jake,Kim & Dane Houchin    *(Indianapolis Welding Supply)!!
  • Heartland Printworks Indianapolis IN. ph 317-882-1800
  • REPRO Graphis inc. ph 317-637-3415
  • Wigs "We Care". Greenwood IN 317-889-1635
  • Steve - N3NNG (USS Mass. from Easton PA);Spl Tnx to Chris Nardi..USS Mass!!
      *Donated WWII USN TBK/TBM transmitter   *Donated WWII USN TBK Modulator !!
  • 19 Dec 2016;Also:Donated By the Indiana War Memorials Foundation & Sold By, Steve - N3NNG;
      *Donated WWII USN 1944 WWII TDE-2 transmitter
  • Indianapolis MAI Prime Parts . Major IWM donor but; most recent donation:
    Dell 23.8" Inspiron 24 3000 Series Multi-Touch All-in-One Desktop Computer, Pat Croft  MAI Photo
    for the CA35 Gallery room display of "From the Deep" (finding the USS Indy Wreckage Site.!
  • Indianapolis Power & Light Comm. Dept Indianapolis .   *Donated 25 yr old GE HI Band Xmtr & Power supply Unit   *Pix,Unit
      for TDE PS system (USSIndyRadio exhibit)   to TDE& PS page  
  • Doug -KG6KSG College Station, TX.   *Donated WWII USN RCK 115-155mc Receiver   *Pix , Doug -KG5KSG
    Spl Thanks to Ted-KC9TRV(USSIndyRadio exhibit)
  • Mike-WA9FDO TNX for RCK rcvr S&H; IWM-USS Indy Radio group member   
  • Dave-WB7PRF Greenwood, IN.   *Donated Home Brew HF Antenna Tuner 160m to ??
  • & Local Ham radio operators.

  • Listed ALL Donors (see Donations book for more info)


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    Submitted By;

    Chuck Crist -W9IH

    Coordinator Ham radio operations

    WW2IND  Trustee


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