Dec 19th & 20th, 2016...
Indiana War Memorial, TDE-2 HF
.3-18.1 mhz, CW & AM, 100 watt Transmitter;

Special thanks to The Indiana War Memorial Foundation for the TDE donation,
and to Steve Finelli of Easton PA for allowing us to purchase this last exhibit item.(exhibit iis complete)
Also to Dave-N9KZJ, Chuck-W9IH & Ron WB9DKL & to Angie Smitman for providing the 3/4Truck,
for the 2 day; 1300 miles trip to bring the,
TDE-2 Transmitter piece to the IWM_USS Indy Radio room exhibit.

PA to IWM transfer PIX...

USS Indianapolis; Radio Central 1945....
PIX from PA Loading team:
TDE weighs 700lbs ,
runs 130 watts CW & 45 watts AM; output
on frequency of .3-18.1 Mhz.

    19DEC2016->PA pix"TDE-2 Transmitter transfer team!"

Finelli + IWM exhibit volunteers+ Truck 1st loaded + TDE Remote Control (CTL).

  Arrival @ IWM, Indianapolis Unloading & TDE-2 !"

    IWM pix"TDE-2 Transmitter in Hall for clean-up!"

     "TDE-2 Placement in IWM CA35 radio exhibit!"
IWM transfer crew(N9KZJ,N9IZN,WA9FDO,W9SSE,WB9DKL,W9IH,IWM STAFF Phil & Rob) radio supervisors (KC9TRV & W9MGB)
*TAJ Had move 1st| | *TAJ moved wa9fdo "*TAJ "prep" n9izn "*TAJ moved 15 "*TAJ New spot|

"TDE-2 Placement in IWM CA35 radio exhibit!"
"TDE-2 from Basement to exhibit!"
 * TDE in IWM Main hall|  * TDE on Moving dolly|  * TDE waiting for casters|  * TDE &front caster|  * TDE more casters |  * TDE all casters on|

IWM radio exhibit "TAJ/TDE" placement crew..(.W9IH not shown)

 * TDE 1st visit to Radio exhibit

 * TDE & TAJ in Exhibit move complete;

 *IWM Transfer crew|

 * TDE on Xmtr row-2

 * TDE & TAJ in Xmtr row

    "Other .PIX!" TDE Xmtr    Under construction"     
* TDE open to 45 degrees,RT-top* TDE LFT top inside* TDE botom inspection >

    "TDE-2 to Radio exhibit location!"
Final dusting & Chassis fixing, meter mounting..then exhibit display;
where Power supply construction will be done and On air testing.

  "Links are some of,2016/17 Pix of the TDE-2!"
Pic is TDE-2 fix up team...Thanks
 *Inside cleaning .!  *Tde Back no panel .!
 *Left side no Pnl.!  *Front Lid opn.!  *Transmitting tubes (HF).!  *Transmitting tubes (LF).!
 *.!  *Meters PA .!  *Meters PA Grid.!  * touch-up.!
 *?.!  *TDE with bulbs .!


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