April 4th 2017... GE Power supplies donated!
Indiana War Memorial, TDE-2 Transmitter;

Special thanks to The Indianapolis Power & Light Co. for the GE Power Supplies donation,
(exhibit is complete)
Also to John, Darell & the IPL transfer team for delivery. see pix ( ), thiese units will allow for the addition
of AC power to the TDE unit an provide OTA operations.

PA to IWM transfer PIX...

USS Indianapolis; Radio Central 1945....
PIX from IPL delivery team:
There are (4) separate power supplies provided by this donation;
_1.2kv; _500 vdc; _12vdc;&_-90vdc...

    04Apr17-> Power supply cabinet pix"GE power supplies transfer team!"Thanks IPL!
and IWM Helpers & Rob & Jeremy

    @IWM pix "IPL GE power supply in Hall for clean-up & Construction!"

GE Power supply Under construction"

    "TDE-2 to Radio exhibit location!"
Final dusting & Chassis fixing, meter mounting..then exhibit display;
where Power supply construction will be done and On air testing.

  "Links are some of,2016/17 Pix of the TDE-2!"
 *GE cabinet FP Before equipment removed .!  *??? .!
 *all equipment removed for transfer.!  *equipment -extra view.!  *equipment /helpers.!
27Sep17 *2KV & +500vdc PS's!  *TDE ps cabinet!  *installed !  *??.!  * ??.!
 *?.!  *?? .!


Under Construction! Last Update: 28 sep 2017
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