AUG 10-12th, 2010...
Indiana War Memorial, TCK-3 Transmitter;
Warehouse to IWM transfer PIX...

Special thanks to all the folks at Cheatham Annex warehouse facilities, Williamsburg,VA
The USN Norfolk volunteers & the USN Historical center Washington DC..
Also to Rudy-KN9C,Dave-N9KZJ & Chuck-W9IH for the 3 & 1/2 day; 1500 miles trip to bring this,
last large Transmitter piece to the IWM_USS Indy Radio room exhibit.

USS Indianapolis; Radio Central 1945....
PIX from the warehouse of the TCK Transmitter LOANED by: USNHC , WDC
TCK weighs 400lbs out of the crate,
runs 400 watts CW & 100 watts AM; output
on frequency of .2-18.1 Mhz.

    10AUG2010->CAX-Warehouse pix"TCK-3 Transmitter transfer team!"

USN Volunteers from Norfolk, Va + IWM exhibit volunteers.

  Warehouse 1st views of crates & TCK-3 !"

    CAX-Warehouse pix"TCK-3 Transmitter First sighting!"

     "TCK-3 ready for Trip to IWM!"

    "Other crated equip.PIX!" TBN Xmtr    TBA     XMtr Crate

    " other Trip pix!"

    "TCK-3 In IWM Cleaning location!"

    "TCK-3 to Radio exhibit location!"
Final dusting & Chassis fixing, meter mounting..then exhibit display;
where Power supply construction will be done and On air testing.

  "Links are some AUG 19th,2010 Pix of the TCK!"
Pic is TCK fix up team...Thanks Dave-Mike & Rudy
 *Inside cleaning Dave&Rudy.!  *Cap_spark-gap.!  *TCK Back no panel .!
 *Left side no Pnl.!  *Front doors opn.!  *Transmitting tubes.!  *PS door opn.!
 *Ant.Mtr Installed.!  *Meters Bak side.!  *Meters frnt PNL.!  *Front PNL touch-up.!
 *TCK permanent Spot.!  *TCK with bulbs & FP paint touch-up.!


Under Construction! Last Update: 27 AUG 2010
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