Indianapolis Radio Club USS INDY 2004 Ham ops.

USS Indianapolis

Museum ships event 2004

Amateur radio Operation Schedule

last updated: - 12 OCT 2010

USS INDY Museum ships event 2004.

    (sponsored by the USS Salem Radio Club).... Operating time will be from July 16th 0001Z
    through 2359Z July 17th...(2004)

    Stations that work 10 of the participating ships will receive a certificate if they send thier logs .
    "Radioman medals" to the top 5 operators who work the most ships and 3
    "Chief Radioman" medals will be presented to stations who work the most ships using AM mode .

    Particpating Frequencies are, 3885 KHz, 3600 & 3625 (in the UK), 3705 (W. Europe),
    7290 KHz and 14,286 KHz
    in the AM mode.
    While operation on any amateur frequency is allowed here is a list of
    suggested frequencies:
    SSB..3,860; 7,260; 14,260; 18,160; 21,360; 24,960; 28,360 & 50,160 Khz
    CW..3,539 ,7,039 ,10,109 ,14,039 ,18,079 , 21,039 , 21,039 , 24,899 , 28,039 & 50,109 Khz
    for more info clik here
    Several IRC hams participated in the event last year and report a "FUN" & interesting operation.

    -This is a suggested Guideline only┬ů.

    To Sign up for Operator duties....EMAILChuck- W9IH


    Under Construction!
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