USS INDIANAPOLIS - CA-35  (USS Indy Radio Room Exhibit)

The CA-35 USS Indianapolis (CA-35) WWII Radio room exhibit Visitors .!

2010 Museum Ships on the air.
June 4th, 5th & 6th
Ops time: June 5th-0000Z (Fri eve 8PM)to June 7th-2359Z (sun eve 8PM) 48 hours.

(275) Exhibit Visitors for all three days in 2010! ...

PIX are divided into the 3 areas one for each day of operation.(fri-Sat-Sun)





Thanks to those who helped make our (5th) Ships On the AIR EVENT successful:!!!
USS INDY OTA Sponsors: Indiana War Memorials Museum; Salvation Army (Indy Chapter)
Prime Distribution Services, MAI Prime Parts; Indianapolis Radio Club, Thompson (RCA) Ham club,
Indianapolis Radio League & FireHouse Photo Labs.;


Submitted By;

Chuck Crist -W9IH


USS INDY OTA event.  June 2010

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