USS INDIANAPOLIS - CA-35  (memorial)

Shipboard Test Equipment  displayed in the USS Indianapolis Radio room Exhibit.
[]Test Bench__ LR-3 Frequency Standard,  PCA-2 Scope  VOM & Noise bridge  Grid Dip Meter  RCL Bridge
[]Enclosed Display case. Meters & test CW keys.
[]WWII receiver bench_Panadapter scope RBU-2   .
[]TAJ Transmitter (on top) RF Watt meter. .5-1000 Mhz & 0- 1KW range.

Test Equipment was used for troubleshooting and repair of the Radio room & Communication equipment.
There are many different types of Test gear found in the Radio room exhibit.
Most can be found at or near the Test / Maintance desk on the Left of the Exhibits Main entrance.
  • Maint bench receivers page  !  All..On Air Capable!also used to help technicians solve problems.
  • *BC-348 FP View [.54-30 Mhz ] to be used with the ART-13 Transmitter(on Air)
  • *Hallicrafter S-20R FP View  [.54-30 Mhz] General Coverage (Back up & Trouble shooting)
  • * Hammerlund SP-600 FP View  [ .54-54 Mhz ] to be used with the ART-13 Transmitter(on Air)& Trouble shooting

    Submitted By;

    Chuck Crist -W9IH

    Coordinator Ham radio operations

  • Under Construction! Last Update: 06 nov 2010
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