8 USS INDIANAPOLIS - CA-35 WW2IND(memorial)hamstation



USS INDIANAPOLIS - CA-35  (memorial)

The CA-35 USS Indianapolis (CA-35) WWII Radio room

Pearl Harbor Day Special event..Dec.6th,7th & 8th, 2017 (wed/thur/Fri) "UNDER CONSTRUCTION"

USS Indianapolis; Radio Central (WW2IND)

"Ron -WB9DKL working station
ART13/RBC gear on 40m CW"
(Wed Dec 6th)[3 -cw-40m QSO's]

 "SSB OPS Dec 8th!"

  SSB 20m OPS @ Ham 2,Dec 7th-(KC9TRV-ted)!


    IWM USSIndyRadio Exhibit Visitors during event= 15+

    Operators for event..(3)
    Total Q's _30_ (3) Days OTA-(14)+hours operated__(3 days )_ (0900-1300L)
    Bands used__40 & 20-m___ CW Ops 40m(3 Q's), ;SSB ops 40m(20 q's); 20m SSB (7)

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  • (WW2IND) Amateur radio station Info:"UNDER CONSTRUCTION"



    Submitted By;

    Chuck Crist -W9IH

    Coordinator Amateur radio operations

    WW2IND  Trustee


  • Under Construction! Last Update:09 dec 2017
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