8 USS INDIANAPOLIS - CA-35 WW2IND(memorial)hamstation



USS INDIANAPOLIS - CA-35  (memorial)

The CA-35 USS Indianapolis (CA-35) WWII Radio room exhibit

Open House..NOV 7th 2009

USS Indianapolis; Radio Central 1945....PIX of our progress:

  • 7th NOV 2009 (Exhibit Core group pic!) APPROX. 350 visitors total!!

    Core group is comprised of the Exhibit Construction & Greeter members of the volunteer team.
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  • 7th Nov. Official open house:(SAT) (standing room only!!
  •   *Visitors came early & stayed!
  •   *Capt.Jack Morehead & Wife!
  •   *Hall overflow visitors!
  •   *More Visitor!
  •   *Full House(exhibit)!
  •   *Plank Gang" Mike,Bob,Ed & Barry.!
  •   *Sailor Jenny" provided snacks!
  •   *Our Photog Casey Jo!
  • 6th Nov. Sponsors Day:(Friday)
  •   *Old sailor_Ted T.!
  •   *Rich-loans a "Lionel Lightning Key"!
  •   *lines were long!
  •   *Pat donates Headset-#6_display case is full!
  •   *Albert found the SB-614 manual!
  • 5th Nov. Media Day:(THUR) WXNT, TV ch's 6 & 59 -IN.GOV wp and many others.!!!
  •   *CH59 visit-tnx BJ!
  •   *some explanation included!
  •   * Bob-W9PSE makes 40m contact(vertical)!
  •   *N9KZJ's Coat rack_dondo!
  •   *Typewriters ready for duty!

  • Indianapolis; US Navy WWII Radio room exhibit Info:
  • Radio room exhibit DONORS
  • (WW2IND) Amateur radio station Info:"UNDER CONSTRUCTION"



    Submitted By;

    Chuck Crist -W9IH

    Coordinator Ham radio operations

    WW2IND  Trustee


  • Under Construction! Last Update:08 nov 2009
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