USS INDIANAPOLIS - CA-35  (USS Indy Radio Room Exhibit)

The CA-35 USS Indianapolis (CA-35) WWII Radio room exhibit & Amateur Radio ops .!
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K2USA Special event ham radio operations for the K2USA Ft. Monmouth Farewell Event >>>
two HF HAM stations on the air @ WW2IND ..We worked them on 20 & 40m

Jan.30th , 2010

Indiana War Memorial museum:

USS Indy Radio Central exhibit....
PIX from .. 30th Jan 2010 (sat) [9am to 5pm]

Approximately 75 visitors toured the USS Indy exhibit during the event.

We enjoyed a nice Pizza Hut lunch-in for those working the Ham stations..
Tom-K9XV & his dad inviestigated the LR-3 Freq. standard for future operations.
Bob-W9PSE & Jeff made contact with K2USA Ft. Monmouth on 40m;
while Ed-N9IZN contacted them on 20m.
Special thanks to Bob-N9SF for spotting K2USA freq.s.
Ed-N9IZN had cub scouts from 107 (south side Indy) working the 20m freqs &
asking a lot of questions.
Future visits and HAM radio ops are being planned.


Radiomen Video Interviews run daily (WED-SUN ..9AM-5PM )at
the Indiana War Memorial Museum, USS Indy Radio room exhibit.



Submitted By;

Chuck Crist -W9IH

Coordinator Ham radio operations

WW2IND  Trustee


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