USS INDIANAPOLIS - CA-35  (memorial)

  [Memorial On North end of Canal]                [IWM 431 N. Meridian St.]

USS Indianapois CA-35 memorial Ham radio station (WW2IND) began in 2008 as a result of request to expand the amateur radio
on air operations for future On the Air event involvment.
Currently WW2IND is operated from the memorial located on the scenic north end of the Indianapolis Indiana downtown
Canal and in the Indiana War Memorial facility.(IWM)

The Amateur (ham) radio Station( WW2IND ) is being incorporated into the US Navy WWII Radio room exhibit
display located on the main floor with in 40ft of the the existing USS Indy exhibits of the
Indiana War Memorial at 431 North Meridian st., Indinapolis IN.

(current CA-35 exhibit)

The CA-35 US Navy Radio WWII room exhibit project is dedicated to all the USS Indianapolis Crew;
but especially to the Radio men & Radio Tech's.RM-RT list link
When completed the Radio room will offer IWM visitors a glimse of the history of US Navy radio equipment
and for Visiting Amateur radio Operators the capability to operate from the
WW2IND amateur station of the CA-35 Radio room exhibit.
95% complete...
OPEN House was November 7th. ... "Visit WWII Navy Communications restored history"
Museum and the Exhibit are currently open WED-SUN; 9am-5pm

Started NOV. 2008,   (Under Construction) Latest Pix USS Indianapolis; Radio room exhibit & Update info:   

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  • Radiomen Bios & Pix

  • (WW2IND) Amateur radio station Info:Under construction!
  • [1] Three antenna systems, (1) permanent (TBD) & (2) temp. Wire antennas. (all HF 80-10m)
  • [2] One permanent Operating postiton with permanent HAM gear installed (band TBD)
         and Two Postitons for special event operations. (will accommodate event radio gear)
  • [3] Visitors will be encourage to operate the radio station while visiting.

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  • There are no USS Indy Ship Radio room PIX available.

    The US Navy WWII Radio room is being replicated from Other USS Curiser Ships of the same time period
    and memories of Navy personnel Past and present.
    Special Thanks to Brig. Gen Stewart Goodwin for allowing us the opportunity to help with this exhibit.

    Thanks to the following for the many hours spent searching for Pictures to use in the construction of this exhibit.
  • Indiana War Memeorial : Museum; Director,Ethan Wright; Don Hickey, Building Manager and All the IWM Staff
  • Local Indy Ham radio operators.
  • US Navy Histroical Archive Center.(no Pix available!)
  • USS Salem Museum staff.
  • USS Littlerock Museum staff.
  • USS Slater Museum.
  • USS Alabama Museum, Staff & Stan Bryn-AC5TW


    Her mast stood approximately 130 feet above the water, the 10 battle stars painted on her bow, reminded most
    of the outstanding service to our country in time of war.
    Today the USS Indianapolis CA-35 is remembered as a memorial located on the scenic north end of the Indianapolis Indiana
    downtown Canal and in the Indiana War Memorial facility.(IWM)
    This is where the survivors from her sinking on July 30, 1945 meet to remember those tragic days and their fallen shipmates.
    Survivors attend the 5 day long Annual reunion; which ends with a ceremony at the CA-35 memorial sites joined by family,
    friends and military personnel; saying thanks for the freedom the old ship and crew provided through their service.


    Submitted By;

    Chuck Crist -W9IH

    Coordinator Ham radio operations

    WW2IND  Trustee


    Under Construction! Last Update: 25 oct 2010
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