Date 02 NOV 2009   (revised 11 Oct 2010)

 Interesting facts...

About the USS Indy Radio room Exhibit Project...

Survivors info:

[] There were (41) USS Indy Radiomen & Radio tech's.

[] 11 were survivors…

[] Jack Miner RT2 was the last to attend an Indy Reunion, He may have sent the SOS  day of the sinking.

[] Hickey, Harry RM2 was on the USS Indy, the IWM Building manager is D. Hickey.!!(related)

[] Kenley Lanter is a survivor still living in GA & only Amateur radio (ham ) operator..(RM SI)Signalman!

[Radiomans job info:]

[] Radiomen worked 2-4 hour shifts coping Morse code during their 10 hour shifts.

[] Radio room was located just behind (6-8ft) the Curisers Very large Guns!.

[] Radiomen worked just in the radio room once they were certified opertors; most could Send & Receive
morse code between 20-40 words per minute(WPM).All Messages were incrypted!

[]Morse Code was the best way to send messages during the 1940-44's,
AM radio or phone came along in 1944-45 allowing for phone or audio conversations to be used on the
same transmitter frequencies at reduced output power!..


[ A } IWM Exhibit Project began 28 NOV 2008...99 % complete by 10 Aug 2010

TCK Transmitter was the last piece! from NY Naval Historical center
to be placed in the exhibit, Today local radio volunteers work on
restoration of the WWII radio transmitters.

[ B ] 1st room construction began 27 APR 2009


[1] There were 32 volunteer people involved in the research, Planning & construction of the

USS Indy radio room exhibit. (donors & IWM Staff & extra help hrs not included.)


[2] Research had 13 folks ( hrs UNKNOWN)  5 months to complete (Nov - Apr)2009-2010


[3] Approximate man-hours by the 32 group.....970 HRS... [total = approx. 1250 hrs]

Plus.. weekly inprovements to the exhibit appearence & Functions continue.

[4] Miles traveled to p/u donated equipment...7600; Included..400 total Man hours.

The Four (4)separate travel trips to many parts of the United States included;
Socorro, New Mexico (3000 miles), Easton, PA (1630 miles),
New York City (1424 miles) and Williamsburg, VA (1500 miles);
a total of over 7600 miles.

Thanks to Rudy Richardson, Ed Conder, Dave Jarvis & Chuck Crist.


[5] 75 Donors, for 174 items to date.  (paint & hardware not included.)

(1st donation was 13Mar09 by Stan Bryn, (27 items)Socorro NM


[6] More than $58,800 in donations of equipment and materials to date for this exhibit construction.


[7] More than 7,000 visitors to this exhibit from Nov.7th 2009 to Nov. 1st 2010.


[8] Exhibit includes three (3) Operational ham station positions; 90% complete

 call Sign WW2IND


from Project notes of

Chuck Crist

28 Oct 2009



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