USS Indianapolis CA-35 ."RADIO"                      last updated: 13 jun 2019..
..WWII call sign.."NABD"

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Website of the Indiana War Memorial museum-USS Indy Radio Exhibit..
located at 55 E. Michigan St. Indianapolis ,Indiana,46204
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***19 August 2017*** USS Indianapolis Remains found

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Also see PBS channel Documentarys for 1HR movie of "Up from The deep" and visit Indiana War Museum
after June 2018 to see the New "Up from The deep" Kiost... "PBS Finding CA35" Kiost complete.  
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  "New"Exhibit Location "|   "USN exhibit local."|   "display sign added."

Thanks MAI parts & WA9FDO, Ken MacNamarra &
& W9IH,& IWM George Muncy!

USS Indianapolis Survivors Org.   USS Indianapolis history pages. USS Indianapolis final crew list.
USS Indianapolis.. IndianaWarMemorial INFO link.   IN War Memorials info link.   USS Inc info link.
  other-USN info page.   USS Indianapolis IWM reunions page.

 [1] .. CRUISER INDIANAPOLIS (CA-35) DIV. (info link.)
 [2] .. Arleigh Burke (DDG-51) Div. Avon, IN. (info link.)
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Dedicated to WWII US NAVY Radiomen & Radio tech's
Indiana War Memorial
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USA Radiomen info page. [ 24 apr 2019]

US Navy WWII Radio room exhibit 99.99% complete! & OPEN!..Last Update: 08 may 2019

Exhibit VISITORS page.[  28 apr 2019]

  Exhibit DONORS page...Last Update: 22 Nov 2018

  Historic Navy Ships Assoc. info link.

   WW2IND Weekly Ops & Freq. Info

.UFA...:Due to Ind.War Museum, Safety & Construction concerns...
WW2IND could be operationg from alternate Club Sites...
****Call sign = WW2IND/A (alternate)
During "Ships event 2019" WW2IND/a contacts won't be allowed for ship count during the evnt..

Ham Radio station ( WW2IND )info page. [ 13 jun 2019]    WW2IND QSL Info    History of USS Indy Radio group:
Local Amateur Radio (Ham) operators remember the USS Indianapolis via "LIVE Ham radio" (Worldwide)
Museum ships event->    2004    2005    2007    2008  & 2010 page  WW2IND
ALL Ham operations->    2009    2010   2011    2012    2013    2014    2015    2016
   2017    2018    2019*
EMAIL USS Indianapolis Radio room   *Ham Radio - Operations INFO Last Update: 17 Jul 2018
  • IWM; SSN-697 SUB control room Exhibit INFO.
  •    last04apr13
      Exhibit is OPEN to public
    <-Restoring IWM Exhibit Operations

    Call-   USS Indianapolis LA Class SUB-SSN697
    click on pic for update info

    2010 operations:
  • [1]. Other CA-35 OTA skeds & Special events On the Air.
  •    last06 JUL 2010

    <-July 2010 Operations

    click on pic for dedication & on air info

    2018 USS Indianapolis LCS-17:New ship!(CREST)& Ship!    A Freedom-class littoral combat ship
    United States Navy. and the fourth ship in naval service named after
    Indianapolis, Indiana.
    Construction started: July 18, 2016,commissioned march,2018
    Builder: Marinette Marine
    Length: 378' & Beam Overall: 57 feet.

    <- click for larger pix

    Other IWM Exhibits:
  • 09 Mar 19 (Sat;  (200+ Visitors)  "In Landmark & IWM "behind the Scaffolding"tour/fund raiser. "Great Event"
    Radio exhibit (55)+OTA CW Demo..(11 q's)   "Landmark event"Exhibit visitrs+ Grtrs"|
      "Landmark event"WOOD ships Model display!!+ Grtrs"|   "Landmark event" USS Indy Radio Exhibit Morse code Demo-live"
    also see   Exhibit VISITORS page.
      [ Feb 2017] "Tuskegee Airman " Exhibit in IWM Main Hall   *""Airman Exhibit-1"!   *"Airman Exhibit-2"!

      [ Sep 2016]. "Flags of Honor" Exhibit in Veterans park north   *""Flag Exhibit"!|   *"2017-Aug"Flag Exhibit"!
      [ Feb 2013]. Davis "CMH" & Vietnam Exhibits   *""Davis" "CMH" Exhibit"!
      [ Apr 2013]  *""Davis" Exhibit Check"!   *""Davis" Family"& Exhibit"!
      *""Davis" construction"!   *""Glass fit" George & Helpers!!

       (IWM POW Ceremony)
    [19 Sept 2014] [200+ visitors]+ Volunteers: ,Cricket & , + Staff
    IWM USS Indy Radio group..Ted, Steve & Chuck.

      <--*"Larger view"!
    also see   !   *"Ceremony Gordon Piper!"!

      [May 2014]. Col. Kaslar WW2,Korea & Vietnam Exhibits   *"Kaslar Exhibit"!

    [18 Jan 2015] [15+ visitors]+ Demo of the Sony O/H Projector for visiotrs , "Sprunce Hall"   *"Projector set up"!

  • [1].Iraq War (HumVEE-Antenna Added).
    last19 Jul 2017

      *"Larger View!

       (Retirement Donna Schmink)also see   Exhibit VISITORS page.this date !
    [28 Feb 2014] [55+ visitors]+ Volunteers: Nina, Jessica,Cricket & Earl, + Staff
    IWM USS Indy Radio group..Jo Ann,Ted, Mike, Dave & Chuck.

      *"1st Award (18 Yrs service-by Nina)"!   *"Both Awards"!Left is the IN Guard "Legion of Hoosier Heroines"
      *"Donna & IWM-USS Indy Radio +"!

      <--*"Larger view"!

       (Ind.State House Day at the Capital)also Students Pass Port Day!
    [11 Dec 2013] [550+ visitors]+ Volunteers:Bob-O, Ted & Chuck.

      *"Students Break"!   *"IWM stamps 4 pass books"!   *"Checking their work"!
      *"Checking Booth info"!   *"IWM Display"!

      [31 Oct 13]. IWM Atterbury Barricks gst old Radio..S-38..   *"S-38 Receiver added to exhibit"!
      [16 May 13]. IWM Sponsored Salvation Army "Red Kettle" Lunch on the Circle.
      *"Kettle view-1"!   *"Canteen"!   *"SA TENT"!   *"Cooks Tent"!
    Luncheon/Fund raiser took place on the South side of the Soldiers & Sailors Monument from 10am to 2PM....
      [21 Sep 12]. IWM Sponsored POW & MIA Open House
      *"(Many Diferent exhibits )"!   *"(SA Donut Girls Served refreshments too! )"!
    Ceremony took place on the North steps of the IWM....

    [05 Sep 12]  IWM gets more Audio  (24)
    .   <--(see WW1 By-Plane exhibit)
      *"WW1 By-Plane Audio gear"!   *"WW1 Machine Gun exhibit"!
    [22 aug 18]  *"CW Morse display added in Radio exhibit" added"!
    [06Dec13]  *"(SA)Donut Girls" added"! [19Jun14]  *"Entry Lobby Audio"!
    [15Feb13]  *"Allison Engine" added"!  *"Allison book Cover"!  *"Tippecanoe"1812" added"!
     *" Vietnam Audios "! [13Jun15] *" Ranger exhibit Co"D" "!
    [24Oct12]   *"WW1 Harrison Audio added"!   *"911 exhibit gets audio"!   *"Civil War exhibit "!
    [20Sep12]   *"WW2 & B29 Audio added"!   *"US Navy gets audio"!
    [14Oct12]   *"1941-FDR repaired!"!   *"1941 Spkrs view"!   *"Audio Amp & CD-1"!
    [05Oct16]  *"Audio Amp & Mp3"!
    [17Oct12]   *"Korean exhibit_audio"!   *"exhibit_audio-gear"(25may14)!

    [05 Aprt12]   *"Revolution war added !   *"CA35 Gallery audio ! |  *"gallery Spkrs ! |  *"Gallery MP3 (sep2017) !
    [15 Feb12]   *"Lincoln Exhibit !  *"Jungle & Helo installed !
    [24Aug14]Jungle Audio Mod  *"Jungle "eclipse" !

    [ Jan 2010]US WWII Radiomen display; Installer:Ted-kc9trv,Donor:Steve-w9sse   
      <-click for larger Pic!

    Install completed, 29mar18..

    (Ind.Heritage Day at the State Fair)
    Indiana War Memorials display

    1st yr for the IWM "Passport", thanks Jason!

    [07 Aug 2017](Monday) [150+ visitors]+
    Volunteers: Chuck,Ted,Adam,Dave,Mike,Ron & Jason & Cricket & Earl (0730-2030:)      
      *"IWM Display"!|   *"IWM Banners"!   *"ISF Hot air Balloons"!|

      <-click for larger Pic!   *"State Records Exhibit & (event coord)Jenifer Hodge,"!
      *"(2)other State Exhibits?"!
      *"Some IWM Volunteers"!   *"Break time"!
      *"IWM Vol.Ron "!
      *"IWM Cricket & Earl(tnx)"!

      *"History-IND Coridon Civil War"!

       [17 Aug 2015](Monday) [100+ visitors]+
    Volunteers: Chuck,Ted,Steve,Dave,Mike,Ed,Mark & Tony (0730-1630:)
    WW2IND station was on 2m(fm) & 40m(ssb) also Family Day!;Rain storms shortened event!
      *"IWM Exhibit-setup"!   *"IWM Display"!   *"IWM Volunteers"!   *"SUN Power & Ham radio Demo"!
     *"2m Antenna "!  *"HF Antennas Display"!   *"Saylor TED"!   *"Rain Storms??"!
     some of the Booths visitors:  *"DNR Jenni & CivivlWar"!   *"Barb-kb9bsv"!
      *"Ted & Vets"!   *"USN LST CO(1958-98)"!
     Other Heritage Booths :  *"Heritage booth row"!   *"Fire Crafting Booth"!
      *"Civil War 10# !"!


    <-[07 Aug 2014]Thur [700+ visitors]+ Volunteers: Chuck,Ted,Steve,Dave,Mike & Bob-O,Mark, Tony (0730-2030:) WW2IND station was on 2m(fm) & 40m(ssb)
    also Vets Day!
      *"IWM Exhibit-setup"!   *"IWM Display"!   *"IWM Volunteers"!   *"SUN Power & Ham radio Demo"!
      *"Op Antennas Display"!
     some of the Booths visitors: *"Young citizen trying Ham radio"!   *"ISP radio cks"!
      *"ISF Friends"!   *"State Fair Ice Cream time"!

       <-[08 Aug 2013]Thur [650+ visitors]+ Volunteers: Ken ,Dave, Bob-O, Mark, Ted & Chuck.
      Ham radio Demo (w9isf)<-Tnx Ken & Carl & Bob)
      *"Our Exhibit booths"!   *"IWM Display"!   *"Ham radio side(PSK)"!
      *"State Fair Queen & Ham radio Demo"! More Pix & Info Page

    [09 Aug 2012]Thur [500+ visitors]+ Ham radio Demo (w9isf)
       Thanks Ken ,Dave,Bob-O, Ed,Ted, Rudy,Matt & Chuck.
      *"Exhibit booths"!   *"Early Pic"!   *"IWM Display"!   *"Ham radio Demo"!
      *"Rest time"!   *"Exhibit team(missing Ted,Matt & Chuck)"!

  • [06 Jun 14].IWM Circle Monument "Donut Day" (Salvation Army & Square Donut Co)  
      *"Circle @ Dawn"!   *"Canteen & Bert"!
      *"Square Donut Truck!?"!

  • [26 Jul 12].
    USS Indianapolis Exhibit (North Wall)
      (Ships Magnetic Compass Sysytem Demo).

  •    Thanks Dave,Ted & Rudy!
      *"Another view"!

  • [1]. Indianapolis IWM North Park; "IANG Annual Car show"
      (Event date:07 July 2012).
  • !  last07 July 2012   *"More Pix page    



  • [1].USS Indianapolis Exhibit (East Hall)
      (AM Radio Set Added+ WW2 Audio).
  • Thanks Dave & Rudy!
       last10 May 2012

      *"AM Transmitter!
      *"Exhibit Radio Larger View!

  • [1].Korean War (Jeep Radio Set Added).
    last05 Apr 2012

      *"Radio Installers!
      *"Larger View!

  • [1].Tuskegee Airmen (Jan 14-Mar. 4th, 2012).
    last05 Sep 2012

    [1].Military "Dog Tag" Multigraph Machine.
    [2]Big hit with visitors during 2013 & 2014...Thanks to Chase last08 aug 2014"complete"
      *"Info page
      *"Tag Info Sign!"12may2013
      *"30 Apr13_1st TAG printed !"
      *"1st Tag Machine Demo -Students...09May2013
      *"Exhibit & Dust cover + Key Cover
      *"Ted does training-Sears!"
      *"Light & Key Cover!"   *"Light & Key Cover!"(17aug14)
      *"IWM Livivngston's!"22Dec13 visit

  • [1].Temp Display in Radio room .   
    last11 Mar 2015
    (Motorola Handi Talkie Radio Set )
    6 Meter (52.525 mhz FM (450mw Pout)

  • [1].Military "USN Ships 1944 Signal lamp"(Replica).
    lastApril 2015"complete"
      *"Info page
      *"IWM display under construction!"   *"Shutter added!"   *"Sig Lite Builders!"
      *"Sig Lite Parts!"
      *"Complete!"   *"Sig Lite "ON!"!"   *"Complete & USN Flag!"
      *"Complete & Story Board!"
    {10Feb2017]  *"IWM New location!"   *"Story Board!Now"

       [Item].Military "USA BC611 "Walkie Talkie"(WWII).
      *BC611 Batt's added.& Tested
    w/TCS gear (3885kc)."awesome"

    <- click for Larger Pix.
      see BC611 on Xmtr page
     Thanks,Ted & Mike &Dave

    [1].Military "USN Court Stenographer Typewriter"(1950-60).
    displayed in the USN CA35 Radio exhibit lastApril 2015"Under construction"
      *"Info page
      *"IWM display under construction!"

  •    [IWM Item].IWM Staff "IWM Hummer (added Antenna!""(2017).
  •   *"Antenna pic"   "Jeep Ant. Mount!"
  •    [IWM Item].IWM Staff "Christmas Party"(2015).

  •   IWM Staff "Christmas Party"(2015)  Thanks,Jessica,Jenny,Jennifer,Marissa & Jermey D.

  • [1].IWM "Handicap Lifts for Vietnam exhibits"(2015-Nov.).

  • located at South end of the East Hall"Complete"
      *"1st lift on stairs!"
      *"2nd lift Elevator!"
      *"2nd bottom!"
      *"Top Both lifts!"

    Under Construction!