IWM annual ANG car show.

IWM Indianapolis, Indiana

Air National Guard

Special event 2012 Car Show

July 7th , 2012
Car Show

last updated: - 07 JUL 2012

Show time: 0800Z to 1600Z hours.
Location: Indiana War Memorial; North Park & Fountain areas.
  • 07 Jul 2012(Sat) Pix (click on links)
      US army 1952 jeep!   North Fountain+cars!   Mustang & Thundebird diaplay!
      Air Guard & N-Street!   Greeter "Goodwin"!   Corvairs Ck IN!
      1957 "red" Chevy!   Heilo Pilot "Rudy"!   Helicopter display!   "Yellow" Volkswaggon!


    Under Construction!
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