USS Indy Radio room exhibit
Donations list 2009-19

Level Last Name 1st name City State comments date:
Admiral Bryn Stan & Jackie  Photo Socorro NM USN WWII Radio gear +++++ Apr-09
Crist Chuck & Barb  Photo Indy IN misc.+NM, NYC& Pa & CAX-VA trips++++++ 2008-19
Richardson Rudy  Photo Franklin IN Ant.Tuner-Ham2,NM,NYC&Pa&CAX-VAtrips,++++ 2008-12
Vice Admiral Atlantic Relocation Systems, Inc. Barry Fairfax  Photo Indy IN WWII Transmitter shipping +++ 2009
Mike Sercer  Photo Brownsburg IN TCK,ART13,TDE,RBK,rcvr&Xmtr+RCK/S&H 2009-19
Rear Admiral Christensen Doug Photo Coll.Stat. Tx WWII RCK V-RCVR Jan-16
Rand Tim Longmont CO TAJ WWII Xmtr Jun-09
Foundation IWM Indpls. CO   TDE WWII Xmtr Dec-16
Finelli Steve   TBK  TDE Easton PA TBM Xmtr-Mod-&TDE-Photo& RmtCtlUnit 09& 2016
MAI Prime Parts Pat Croft Photo shop Indy IN Coax,Tubes,Wire+Eq-racks,misc.Gear,Parts 2009-18
IP & L Russ  Photo Indpls. IN GE Hi Band xmtr & PS Unit 4 TDE   2017
Conder Ed  Photo Award Camby IN Desk,Mats,NM trip,PA trip,TBM-modpedstal;headsets +DeskMic++++   2008-17
USN Historical Center Curator   INFO Page Washington D.C. WWII USN TCK-3 HF Transmitter (LOANED) aug-2010
Ten-Tec Inc   Photo Seiverville TN Jupiter-538,HF Tranceiver & 707 Desk Mic..+++   2010
Jarvis Dave  Photo Indy IN Headsets & CW Keys,VertAnt,NM &CAX-VA trips,Ant.Tuner+PC keyboard+Misc Hdwe,++   2008-17
Tevault Ted  Photo Indy IN Typewriter,Chairs,PWR suplies, Lamps,signs & Manuals,BC348,TBS,Parts++ 2008-18
Dennis Gillby  Photo Danville IN 7/8 Hardline coax +Wayne Fox-KE9P Dec-08
Commodore Hoover Sheetmetal Jay Kraus  Photo Indy IN WWII radio bench (bottoms) & Floor racks May-09
Aseniormoment INC Tina Shepard  Photo Southport IN Radio gear transport (Socorro NM) Apr-09
Lambing Bill & Rhonda  Photo Greenwood IN Entry sign+flags, Patch panel , Manuals ++ 2008-09
Brinkley Steve  Photo Indy IN Misc. +++   2008-09
Cooper Ron  Photo  Indy IN Misc Antique radio gear,Mic & Handset+coffe Pot   2008-19
Elzroth Steve  Photo  Indy IN Misc.Gear,Trustee+T-17-D Mic 2014-19
Cox Albert  Photo  Plainfield IN Heath Ham PA + Mon+ Tuner+Dummy Sep-09
Tom Chance  Photo Indy IN Pwr Xfrms & Video Libary+PC Loging ++ 2009-12
Captain Indpls Welding Sup Jake Houchin  Photo Indy IN Metal desk Sup/Ham bench & Pipe markings May-09
Repro Graphics Bob Ewing Indy IN TDE color Print "full size" Aug-09
Bob Begeman  Photo Indy IN Xmtr Mic's,Manuals,Parts, ++ 2008-09
Mike Henney  Photo Indy IN CW Demo Station 2008-09
Bill Smith  Fountaintown IN 808 tubes & WWII RF connectors Jul-05
Bob (SK) Jul2018 Osterhous  Photo Indy IN CQ mags,Tools,PS_parts,Fire-Exting.+++++ 2008-12
Bob Thompson  Photo Pittsboro IN Display; Hdwe, ++ BC348-N rcvr+ART-13 PS! 2009-10
Tom Nettling  Photo Green valley AZ FT107m+VFO+MFJ901b 2012
Mike Constable   Photo Camby IN 1940 USN CPO Mannequin + Clothes Sep-09
Mallett Malcom Indy IN 36" rack_SP600 on Test bench Nov-09
Cooper Ron wb9dkl  Photo Indy IN CW Keys,parts.etc 2017&18
Nicoloff Roy"Nick"  Photo Indy IN "WW2 Yank news" 2017&18
Beasley Betty & Maurice  Photo Indy IN Antique Typewritter Nov-09
Carter Sam  Photo Indy IN Overhead Lights + Apr-09
Burke David Jacksonville AR Manuals , CW KEY Jan-09
Wampner John   Photo Greenwood IN Antique 1940's Typewrtier,QSlCert. + May-09
Jeff Davis  Photo Indpls IN Xmtr Air duct, + Aug-09
Poe Ken Greenwood IN CW key & Headset Dec-08
Rollins Mike Danville IN USN Antenna Tuner Dec-08
Heartland Print works Mary shaw Indy IN Pix scanning for room entry sign Jun-09
Childs Bill & Connie Southport IN 12 volt power supply May-09
CARDER ED  Photo Southport IN Ed & Michellle Williams  Antique Typewriter May-09
Ford Marshall  Pic1Pic2 Indy IN 1944 USS Indy Radiomen photo +1945 News 2009&11
Heininger Steve Indy IN 19" rack Dec-08
Indy Radio Club IndyRadioClub link IN 19" rack + Ships & OTA events 2005-10
Wright Jay  Photo Danville IN Test gear,Bridge & Freq monitor USN Oct-09
Meiss Richard  Photo Indy IN Nov-09
Paradise Cafe Jenny  Photo Greenwood IN Nov-09
Crist Steve  Photo Norfolk VA 1944 CPO Kakis & Collar insigna Nov-09
Taylor Don-k4nax   Carmel IN antique Test Equipment & tubes Dec-09
Williams Ron-w9yz  Photo INDY IN 110 volt Variack Transformer Dec-09
Schantz Jerry-w9jjs   Franklin IN URM-120 RF wattmeter Dec-09
Vetters Travis  Photo Indy IN Antique Headsets Jan-2010
Lowary Roger  Photo Greenwood IN Antique tubes -LR-3 test gear…6C6 Mar-2010
Koss Mike  Photo INDY IN ICE #302 Lightning Arestor (vert-ANT) Mar-2010
Wilhelm Brian  Photo INDY IN MFJ 962D Ant.Tuner(Ham-2) Apr-2010
Naughton Joe & June  Photo INDY IN Hallicrafter S20r receiver & CW Morse trainer Apr-2010
Schaeffer Jeremy  Photo Janesville WI WWII USN RBU-2 Pan-o-dapter May-10
MARC Steve  Photo Franklin IN Antenna Tuner HF 3kw May-10
Mitchell C.L.  Photo Princeton IN USN Aircraft ATD XCVR Jun-10
Bohrer Paul& Marylin  Photo Greenwood IN Antique-Viking tuner& spkr & 12 Vdc sw-PS+++ 2010
Goff Mike  Photo Millstadt IL Antique-T-17 Carbon mic-Art13 use JuL-10
"Fair Radio" Phil  Photo Lima OH Hallicrafter S27 VHF recvr_100-145Mhz JuL-10
Indiana Stds.Lab Dick Chance  Photo South INDY IN Simpson S-Mtr for S27 receiver centr-zero Sep-2010
"USS NewJersey_BB62" Dave WA2TVS  Photo Camden NJ USN WW2 TCK-3 Manual & CD Sep-10
Lee John-W9GRE  Photo Indy IN WW2 Antique Headset Feb-11
Smith Bill-N9TT  Photo Indy IN WW2 Sig Lamp 20" Mar-11
Day Ken-K9PGL  Photo Plnfd IN Antique CW Course + OSc Aug-11
Blue Bob AA9RZ  Photo Mrntsvle IN Antiq,LM13+Headset+Mic+1944-Keys Photo Aug-11
Hensley Tim & Terri  Photo IWM Staff IN Antiq,Rotary Ph Aug-11
Parkhurst Art & Terry  Photo Indpls IN Al80B Loan Aug-11
Duncan Cleon  Photo Indy IN 1943Test set TS537/TSM ART13-shelf Sep-11
Parks BIO Thomas-JeffriesPhoto Champaign IL 1948 Smith Corona Typewriter Chiefs Desk! Sep-11
Wolf USN CPO (ret)  Paul Photo Cincinnati OH USn "Henschel" Sig Light Tech Desk! Nov-11
Dave Latteral  Dave Photo Greenwood IN HB "HF 160-?"Ant Tuner Tech Desk! Oct-16
Wantuck jr   Adam Photo McCordsville IN "Coaxial 12vdc"Ant Rly Mar-17
Level Last Name 1st name City State comments date:
DONATIONS Donated Items:.. 290 & 5 Loaned Donors:.. 89
Notes: FIVE "V" levels of contributions
Level rule:
Navy Gold 5 $10k plus Admiral
Navy Silver 4 $5-10k Vice Admiral
Navy Blue 3 $2.5-5k Rear Admiral
Navy Gray 2 $1-2.5k Commodore
Navy flag 1 $1k or less Captain
last: 22 nov   2018

"Value includes Constuction & Restoration work & Road Trips for Radio gear donated!

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