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USS INDIANAPOLIS - CA-35  (memorial)

The CA-35 USS Indianapolis (CA-35) Survivors Info Page

Page of INDY Local & Radiomen crew members of the USS Indianapolis.

Other CA35 Crew & Family IWM Visitors
10Oct12:  *" CA35 Crew Burt,William,George A.(QM3) Nephew & wife,Family visit
Reunion 2012: At the Westin Hotel , Indianapolis.
45; CA35 Survivors remain, 20 attended the 2012 Indianapolis, IN ,Reunion activities .
All activities held at the Westin Hotel Confrence center>!

04Aug12:  *"Jarvis & Belcher visit   *" CA35 Survr & son with Items for sale   *"Hotel Hospitality room   *"Sat, Coffee !
  *"CA35 Survr Jarvis(AAM3C) Family visit   *"Jim & Sandi Son of CA35 Survr   *"USN Crew Member & Grandaughter visit
05aug12:  *"CA35 Survr Jarvis(AAM3C)All Family visit
  *"USN_Pilot;Lt(jg)W.C.Gwinn Famly(3) generations visit   *"Gwinn Family Monument visit   *"Gwinn Wife monument visit
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  •  2007 Indy Survivors Parade !!(ship model)

  • Jim O'Donnell:from Indianapolis 

  • [Indy Honors downtown]   [Jim visits Ham radio ops during Ships OTA event]   [Jim ; during 2007 reunion]

  • Herbert Jack Miner -RT2:from Lakeshore,IL, sent last "SOS"   

  • [Jack Miner RT-2]     [Mike Krula & Jack with USS Indy Radio hams 2007]

  •   [Kenely Lanter & Jack with USS Indy radio hams]

  • Kenley Lanter: from Thomasville, GA.. Ham_W4MWW   

  • [Kenley 2007 reunion]        [Kenley with USS Indy Radio hams 2007]


    Submitted By;

    Chuck Crist -W9IH

    Coordinator Ham radio operations

    WW2IND  Trustee


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