(USS Indy Radio Room Exhibit)

USS Indy Radio Hams operated the WW2IND station.!

Below are some pix from Indian War Memorial Museum , USS Indy radio Room Exhibit;
On The Air Ham radio operations.

15 Oct 2011

Indiana War Memorial museum:

USS Indy Radio Central exhibit....

Approximately 30 visitors total.
while making 21 Contacts via Ham radio from the
USS Indy WWII Radio room exhibit.
Ted-KC9TRV,Matt-W9CKX,Ed-N9IZN,Dave-N9KZJ & Chuck-W9IH from the WWII radio exhibit;
+ Greg a visiting Ham ,all worked Three (3) Stations on 40-20 & 10 meters.

WW2IND was used as a back up for the Central Indiana Scouts that were
Participating in the International JOTA (Jamboree On The Air) Ham radio event.
Scout troops from central Indiana operated from the CrossRoads Council facilities
on the near NE Side of Indianapolis.
Local Ham operators set up that location to demonstrate Amateur radio.!!
(no Scouts operated from the Museum Location)


Radiomen Video Interviews run daily (WED-SUN ..9AM-5PM )at
the Indiana War Memorial Museum, USS Indy Radio room exhibit.



Submitted By;

Chuck Crist -W9IH

Coordinator Ham radio operations

WW2IND  Trustee


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