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last updated: - 28 JUL 2010

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    Call- WW2IND / BB-58

    July 29th , 2010

    USS Indiana Ops time:
    Ops time: July 29th-(thur )1700Z to 2300Z ( 6 ) hours.

    This will be the 1st time for the USS Indiana ship to operate on the amateur radio frequencies.
    Visitors are welcome....
    USS Indiana approx. frequencies:( + or -- 10Khz) (see the Hot (red freqs.)Our Most used.)
    SSB..3.860;   7.260;   14.260;   18.160;   21.360;   28.360 Mhz
    CW..3.539,  7.039,  10.109,  14.039,  18.079;    21.039,   28.039 Mhz

    For Special USS Indiana- BB58 OTA event;(5 x 7) QSL to WW2IND..
    see for address or via the Bureau for over seas contact...
    Please include 5 x 7 SASE Envelope & postage.

    Location: Amateur radio on the AIR operations will be located at 431 N Meridian st.Indianapolis ,IN
    IWM Musuem; North Lobby…Parking available all sides of the building.
    All Operators & Visitors are welcome !,
    ..Click for map
    After museum hours use 146.52 simplex for entry(call ww2ind)

    We will be operating Three (3) HF Ham stations for this event with all modes available...
    We can use lots of CW and AM operators!

    Hams wishing to operate from the USS INDY memorial site during this event should
    CONTACT: Chuck-W9IH to RSVP ops times..(see sked below) EMAIL W9IH "walk-ins welcome"

    Join in the fun of working some history! (bring your on CW Key or Paddels)

    Other Particpating ships Frequencies are, 3885 KHz, 3600 & 3625 (in the UK), 3705 (W. Europe),
    7290 KHz and 14,286 KHz
    in the AM mode.

    USS INDY OTA Sponsors:Indiana War Memorial, I.C.E. Filters ; USS Indianapolis Inc.


    -This is a suggested Guideline only….

     *QSL Front  *QSL BAK

    To Sign up for Operator duties....EMAILChuck- W9IH

    Under Construction!
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