USS INDIANAPOLIS - CA-35  (memorial)

Several Shipboard Transmitters are displayed in the USS Indianapolis Radio room Exhibit.
[]One area contains the, TBS; ART13 & associated Receiver & TDQ.PIX also see RCK info on WWII Recivers page:
[]2nd area has TDE-2,TAJ,TBK & (am)Modulator, TAD & TCK Transmitters. PIX More Below!
[]3rd area has TCS Receiver & Transmitter system. PIX
[]3rd area (Leftside) was Main receiver benchesWWII Recivers page:
[]4th area is the Tech /Work bench area. PIX  &  Exhibit Test Equipment page
Some units received power from Dynamotor sets, others relied on the ships main power sources.
Exhibit volunteers are currently constructing AC power supplies that will enable us to return
the old Transmitters to full service using the similar design antennas..
[]5th area is the Supervisors/Work area and "Radio Shack" Entry door. PIX

USS Indianapolis; WW2IND Transmitter & power supply page....PIX of our progress:

03 feb 2010 pic [AUX Transmitter rack]  
  • TBS xmtr & extra RBB rcvr
  • ART13 xmtr page & extra RBC rcvr     

  •   ART13 PS location & TDQ xmtr   
  • ART13 Transmitter PS Progress  Thanks Bob-N9SF,Mike-WA9FDO,Ted-T.,Bob-W9KVK & Dave-N9KZJ!
  •    Special Acknowledgments!:  Under TESTING!
  • 01 JUN 2010(tue)  1st OnAir Test successful!TNX Bob_N9SF;Mike_WA9FDO;Dave_N9KZJ;Bob_W9KVK & Ted_T
    *PS & ART13 team (Ted not shown)  *PS chassis Frnt view  *Top of chassis (inside)  *Top of chassis (wiring)
    PS Unit contains all three power supplies needed to run the ART13 Transmitter.(1.2kv)+(400vdc)+(28vdc)

    ART13 power supply was designed by W9KVK,N9SF & WA9FDO; Circuit Construction was N9SF(may hours) and the craftmanship is outstanding. Parts & Paint (WA9FDO) came from many sources, W9KVK came up with a way to use Microwave ovens (modified) for the High voltage transformers & Chokes.
    The complete project has taken approx. 6 months and many long hours resulting in a unit that takes the place of the usual Generator/motor sets used during WWII. Oustanding job by all team members. USS Indy radio is very proud of this accomplishement.!

  • 06 Jan 2011(Thur)   Mike-WA9FDO constructed the box & Cable assy. & Dave-N9KZJ help with the installation
     * ART-13 Xmtr Ctl Box Installed [Tnx Mike]!,  *WA9FDO & ART13 CTL Box..pic  *Control Box Bakside..pic
     * WW2 Rcvr Bench #3 Mounting position..pic  *Control Box Front view..pic  *On Bench Close view..pic
  • 26 May 2010(wed)   *Main Power Supply chassis (ready for testing)
  • 11 Apr 2010(Sun)   Bob's page:more pix
  • *Main frame chassis  *Main Front panel chassis  *400 vdc power supply chassis  *1.2kv dc power supply chassis
  • *+28 vdc power supply chassis

  • TCS Transmitter & PS Progress  On the Air Capable!
  • Operating in the 1.5-12 Mega Hertz Frequency range, on (CW) continuous wave
    or (AM) amplitude modulation Radiotelephone modes. Power output was 25 watts.
    TCS gear was used extensively on patrol & Landing craft, reconnaissance vehicles,
    and similar purposes during the late 1940's.
  • Dec_2009( ) Thanks Ted!
  • *TCS ready for ops!  *  *TCS Unit at CA35 radio  *  * See TCS on WWII Recivers page:

  • TBS TransmitterPS Progress  Thanks Ted_T.,Dave; Bob -W9PSE & Bob-w9kvk!  Under construction!
  • TBS is modified to operate on 50.410 Mhz; output is 40-50 watts on MCW/AM..
  • Transmitter top view (6m Mods)New Coils( Thur 08 mar12) 
     *PA_808 tube!  * Multiplier!    *Multiplier & OSC 807 tubes & Crystal (IC)!
  • 08 Mar 2012( Thur ) Mic PTT & CW Keying & AM Modulation CKS!(all OK)!
     *Ted making AM mod Checks!  *Bob-W9PSE monitors am mod!
  • 21,25 & 28 Feb 2012( Thur & Tue )  Ted & Dave..Installed OSC FB Cap(1.5Pf) Checked others
    [tue_ Rudy, Bob,O & chuck Helped]  Tuned the Xmtr for 40 Watts Output & .1 Ref into Dummy Load)
     Output Frequency ..50.41 mhz..CW & Mic PTT need some attention...[ ]
  • 26 Jan 2012( Thur )   *More Xmtr TroubleShooting Ted ..(found Bad Resistors & Missing OSC FB Cap)
  • 29 Dec 2011( Thur )  *More Tunning & TroubleShooting Ted & Rudy..
  • 26 May 2011( Thur )  *Rt Side *Xmtr gets New improved Coils ( install) TNX KC9TRV
  • 22 Jan 2011( Sat ) Transmitter Mods!! *New ceramic caps (OSC)!  *New ceramic caps (1st mult)!
     *New ceramic caps (2nd mult)!  *New ceramic caps (Driver)! TNX TED !
  • 04 Dec 2010( Sat ) Transmitter Mods!! *Ted & Tom Discuss TBS Xmtr!  *Xmtr Tripler Inside top view!
  • 17 Nov 2010( Thur ) Power supply adjustments!! *Ted making HV Power supply Checks!  * PS Inside top view!
       *PS Chassis bottom_ out of case!
  • 14 Oct 2010( thur ) Ted worked on the TBS xmtr , made some changes for xtal ops., & has 50.41 Mhz
      working for output freq. all xmtr multipliers & final are tuned...Crystal has been ordered.
  • 12 Sep 2010( sun ) TBS 6m freqs to be...50.109 (cw);_ 50.4 (AM);_ 50.16(ssb)
  • 09 Sep 2010( thur )  *BNC connector added to Xmtr!
  • 24 aug 2010( Tue )  *Ted making Xmtr Checks!  * Xmtr Back side wiring!  *Xmtr Chassis top view out of case!
        *Xmtr Chassis bottom view!   *VFO:will have 1_Xtal ch (prototype view)!
  • 19 aug 2010( Thur )  *Bob Does OSC ckt proto cks!
  • 03 Jun 2010( Thur )  *TBS PS is mounted!  *TBS Control& PS boxes
  • 27 May 2010( Thur )  * *Teds Remote control box (ready 4 install)
  •  *

  • TDQ Transmitter work in Progress  VHF!;in the ART-13 shelf;Exhibit area .  !
  • * TDQ FP View   [115-156 Mhz ]..45 watts on AM & CW; Crystal control Frequencies.
  • * TDQ Xmtr Coax connets view "N" type!
  • * TDQ / RCK pos.

  • TAD Transmitter Progress  Thanks Dave & chuck !  Under construction!
  • 08 JUL_ 2010(thur ) 
  • *2nd cleaning-07 jul  *  *  *
  • *

  • TDE-2 Transmitter  Under construction! TDE is 135W CW, 35W MCW, and 30W AM output HF ,
    Frequency coverage is 300 to 1500kc and 1.5 to 18.1Mc. .. dimensions H-62"x w-28"x d-20"....Wt=314 lbs,700 lbs with MG set (220v-3ph)
  • 20 Dec_2016(tue)   *TDE transfer pix.
  • 16 Nov_2016(tue) *TDE FP
  • 04 Jan_2017(wed) *TDE in USSIndyRadio exhibit! * TDE on Xmtr row-2* TDE & TAJ in Exhibit
  • 04 Apr_2017(tue)   *GE PS transfer pix.
  • 13 Jun 2018(wed)   WA9FDO begins TDE Wiring ; TDE Power supply connects......thanks Mike..Testing soon!
  • 01 jul_2018(?) *TDE RemoteFP  *TDE remote Sch |  *TDE con's |  *TDE PTT Sw bak side
  • 15 & 22 aug 2018(wed)    "TDE" construction & trouble shooting.. Start/Stop sw panl removal..| sw panl removal.
    Start/Stop sw removal from PNL. Start/Stop sw "out".
    TDE switches installed.|  TDE Filaments & volts mtr are on...!!. ..thanks WA9FDO & WB9DKL...1/2 sw is faulty & Replaced !
    We Have all filaments working..!!
  • 21 nov 2018(wed)    "TDE" Xmtr PS construction Complete...  

    ..thanks WA9FDO,W9SSE, WB9DKL & W9IH...!
    2kv variac (last Item )

    <- click for Larger Pix.

  • TCK Transmitter & PS Progress  Under construction! TCK is 100/300 watt output HF CW/MCW/AM transmitter...Wt=385 lbs
  • 10 Aug_2010(tue)   *TCK transfer pix.
  • *TCK in CAX-VA warehouse  * IN IWM Cleaning location
  • 19 Aug_2010(thur) fixing-up & in the Exhibit!

  •  *TCK fix up team...Thanks Dave-Mike & Rudy.!
     *Inside cleaning Dave&Rudy.!  *Cap_spark-gap.!  *TCK Back no panel .!
     *Left side no Pnl.!  *Front doors opn.!  *Transmitting tubes.!  *PS door opn.! 03 Nov_2010(thur) *PS door opn."noCabls"!
     *Ant.Mtr Installed.!  *Meters Bak side.!  *Meters frnt PNL.!  *Front PNL touch-up.!
     *TCK permanent Spot.!
  • 26 Aug_2010(thur) !
  •  *TCK with bulbs.!TNX Mike-FDO
  • 16 Sep_2010(thur) !
  •  *ATD Xmtr & TCK-3 together.!
  • 17 Nov_2011(thur) Filiment & 110 vac cks!

  •  *TCK Test team...Geting started.!  *1st No Fil's ck (Mike)ck switches?.!  *PWER Door & Schmatic.!
     *TCK Fil's 1st Glow.!  *TCK Test team...Thanks Mike,Ted,Bob,O. & Dave.!  [Pix by Chuck]
  • 11 DEC_2011(thur) Ant Meter Re-Installed!
  • TNX -Dave-N9KZJ
     *TCK Ant.Mtr No Glass!  *Side View.!  *Mtr With Glass.!  *Back View.!  *Back View Connected.!19 Feb_2012
  • 08 Mar_2012(thur) Frnt PNL Lghts & Permanent 110 v AC Installed!
  • ...(TNX -Mike-wa9fdo)
     *TCK FP LGHTS "ON"!  *Side View "110v AC perm.&.TUBE Glow!"  *TCK & WA9FDO.!
      Mike is constructing the HV Power supplies... more later
    28 sep_2016(thur)  *TCK Thermometer re-installed!"chuck" | TCK is complete & fully functional on CW & AM phone!**
    14 Dec_2016(wed)  *TCK (mo) master osc. (inside Box)!"WA9FDO" investigatng (Mo) CW ops on-time .
    22 Feb_2017(wed)  *TCK (inside PS Door)!"WA9FDO" added NEw 12v Keying relay .(Reduced room Noise!)
    28 Feb_2018(wed)  *TCK (bak pnl C136)!  *inside bak 2k res)!  *TCK PS 120vdc caps!} TCK Lo Volts unit.."WA9FDO"res removed!
    also:  (*RtSide tunning )!  (*TCK-PS fnt side )!
      USS IndyRadio room ,WWII US Navy Radio(CW) OnThe Air Live; UTUBE Link:

  • TBK Transmitter & PS Progress    Under construction!
  • 06 Jan 2011( )  Thanks Chuck!  *TBK/TBM Display Lght Chng (yellow)..pic
  • Jul_ 2010( ) 
  • *PS rack ready for parts -07 JUL  *  *  *
  • *

  • BC611 WW2/Korea, HandHeld Tranceiver    On Display in Radio exhibit!
  • June 2015( )  Thanks IWM, Ted & Dave!   

     Battery Operated , 80m (3885kc),approx 100mw Pout.

    *Nom. Plate | *antenna up! | *IWm Exhibit display

     Click on Pic for More!

  • "Museum Antenna System"
  • [1] Three antenna systems, (1) VERTICAL(HF 40-6m) at 210 ft AGL
  • (2) LONG Wire antennas. (HF 80-6 m) with tuners at 110 ft AGL  (mounted Permanent 24 Aug 2010)
  • [1] One permanent Operating postiton with permanent HAM gear installed (at Chief's station)

    Completion date ;20% complete, rest by late 2010 .
  • Radio room exhibit AC power upgrade Progress   Thanks Rudy, Jerry, Dave & Chuck !
  • 21 apr 2010(tue)  *30amp RR-EL2 wiring complete
  • 15 apr 2010(thur) *TBS Rack 220/110ac outlet  *Sup's desk 220/110ac outlet  *Maint. desk 220/110ac outlet Painter "rudy" (tnx)
     *close view 220/110ac outlet
  • 13 apr 2010(tue)  *Access hole to power panel  *Overhead junction box  *Exhibit 20amp Breaker box  *



    Submitted By;

    Chuck Crist -W9IH

    Coordinator Ham radio operations

    Under Construction! Last Update: 22 nov 2018
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