USS INDIANAPOLIS - CA-35  (memorial)

Several Shipboard Transmitters are displayed in the USS Indianapolis Radio room Exhibit.
One area contains three (3) , TBS; ART13 & associated Receiver & TDQ.
Some units received power from Dynamotor sets, others relied on the ships main power sources.
Exhibit volunteers are currently constructing AC power supplies that will enable us to return
the old Transmitters to full service using the similar design antennas..

USS Indianapolis; WW2IND Transmitter page....PIX of our progress:

01 JUN 2010 pic [AUX Transmitter rack]  
  • ART13 (2-18.1 mhz) 100watts Tuned
    []Checks complete on AM & CW + Auto tunning functions are incrediable!    *Video clip
    []Freq's. on 80_40 & 20 Meters have been programed.
    []Antenna OTA checks complete using (East H-Wire antenna)-ok
    []XTAL Ckt is cked ok-[ ]need HC6/u crystals...
  • ART13 Transmitter updates:
     Thanks Bob-N9SF,Mike-WA9FDO,Ted-T.,Bob-W9KVK & Dave-N9KZJ!

  • 22 JUN 2010(wed)  Crystals installed!  
     *XTALs 22feb2017can use either size!!
     *Tune Card!

  • 06 Jan 2011(thur)   
    ART13 Remote Control Box installed at WWII Rcvr bench #3
      ..Interconnect Cable Assy in place to the Xmtr Rack!
      TNX...WA9FDO-Mike, N9KZJ_Dave & Bob-W9PSE.
     * ART-13 Xmtr Ctl Box Installed [Tnx Mike]!,  *WA9FDO & ART13 CTL Box..pic  *Control Box Bakside..pic
     * WW2 Rcvr Bench #3 Mounting position..pic  *Control Box Front view..pic  *On Bench Close view..pic
  • 30 Jun 2010(wed)   
    ART13 Transmitter 1st on air checks
      ..completed on 80 & 40m AM with;wire & Vertical antenna used!
      KN9C_rudy,W9BZ_roger & N9KZJ_Dave & Ken_KJ9B.
      Tnx_bob-N9SF & Bob-W9KVK!
  • 01 JUN 2010(tue)  1st RF Test successful!(Dummy Load)
    *ART13 ops team (TED missing)  *1st tube Glow  *Xtal Osc. BOX
     *"Tunning Position!"



    Submitted By;

    Chuck Crist -W9IH

    Coordinator Ham radio operations

    Under Construction!Operational(2016) Last Update: 01 nov 2017
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