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last updated: - 12 OCT 2010

USS INDY Museum ships event 2004. 2009 operations:
Exhibit OPEN House was November 7th. 2-5PM "Visit WWII Navy Communications restored history" page.
  • [1]. Museum Ships Event ...June 5,6 & 7, 2009 (below)
  • [2}.June 5,( 9:00AM ),64th Survivors visit & Reunion Ceremony AT the Canal Memorial
  • [3]. Other CA-35 OTA skeds & Special events On the Air.

    Call- WW2IND
    NEW Club Station CALL for USS Indy (CA-35)
    June 5th,6th & 7th , 2009

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    for 2009 USS Indy on the Air Ham operations review!..and more info.

    USS Indianapolis Ops time:
    Ops time: June 05th-0000Z (Fri eve 8PM)to June 07th-2359Z (sun eve 8PM) 48 hours.

    This will be the 4th time for the USS Indianapolis as an official participating Museum ship.
    We will be operating from the USS Indianapolis Memorial
    on the Canal located on the near north side of Indianapolis, IN.; Visitors are welcome....
    USS Indianapolis approx. frequencies:( + or -- 10Khz) (see the Hot (red freqs.)Our Most used.)
    SSB..3.860;   7.260;   14.260;   18.160;   21.360;   28.360 Mhz
    CW..3.539,  7.039,  10.109,  14.039,  18.079;    21.039,   28.039 Mhz

    For Special USS Indianapolis OTA event;(3x5) QSL to WW2IND..
    see for address or via the Bureau for over seas contact...
    Please include SASE or Envelope & postage.

    Location: Amateur radio on the AIR operations will be located at 700 N senate st.Indianapolis ,IN
    in the Ind. Univ. EDU & Research Building; South Lobby…Parking available north of the building.
    All Operators & Visitors are welcome !, we do expect visits from some of the USS INDY survivors this year.!
    ..Click for map

    We will be operating Three (3) HF Ham stations for this event with all modes available...
    We can use lots of CW and AM operators!

    Hams wishing to operate from the USS INDY memorial site during this event should
    CONTACT: Chuck-W9IH to RSVP ops times.. EMAIL W9IH
    Click here for Approx. Ops times.. check for last update:-

    Seems that a lot of the Old Museum ships still have working CW & AM transceive capabilities...
    Join in the fun of working some history! (bring your on CW Key or Paddels)

    Other Particpating ships Frequencies are, 3885 KHz, 3600 & 3625 (in the UK), 3705 (W. Europe),
    7290 KHz and 14,286 KHz
    in the AM mode.
    suggested frequencies: for other event ships on the Air..
    SSB..3,860; 7,260; 14,260; 18,160; 21,360; 24,960; 28,360 & 50,160 Khz
    CW..3,539 ,7,039 ,10,109 ,14,039 ,18,079 , 21,039 , 21,039 , 24,899 , 28,039 & 50,109 Khz

    USS INDY OTA Sponsors:Indiana War Memorial, Indiana University, REI Management,Ihets, Prime Distribution Services,
    Maxim Crane. , I.C.E. Filters Indianapolis Radio Club(main page), | , Indianapolis Radio League & Thompson (RCA) Ham club.

    The 2008 Worldwide Museum Ships event is sponsored by the USS New Jersey radio club....
    for more info click here   2009 participating ships list (78)

    Under Construction!
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