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US Navy WWII Radio room exhibit 99.9% complete! & OPEN!..Last Update: 24 Jun 2015

Exhibit VISITORS page.[  29 Jun 2015]

  Exhibit DONORS page...Last Update: 09 mar 2014

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Ham Radio station ( WW2IND )info page. [ 28 Jun 2015]    WW2IND QSL Info    History of USS Indy Radio group:
Local Amateur Radio (Ham) operators remember the USS Indianapolis via "LIVE Ham radio" (Worldwide)
Museum ships event->    2004    2005    2007    2008  & 2010 page  WW2IND
ALL Ham operations->    2009    2010   2011    2012    2013    2014    2015*
EMAIL USS Indianapolis Radio room   *Ham Radio - Operations INFO Last Update: 15 Mar 2013
  • IWM; SSN-697 SUB control room Exhibit INFO.
  •    last04apr13
      Exhibit is OPEN to public
    <-Restoring IWM Exhibit Operations

    Call-   USS Indianapolis LA Class SUB-SSN697
    click on pic for update info

    2010 operations:
  • [1]. Other CA-35 OTA skeds & Special events On the Air.
  •    last06 JUL 2010

    <-July 2010 Operations

    click on pic for dedication & on air info

    Other IWM Exhibits:
      [ Feb 2013]. Davis "CMH" & Vietnam Exhibits   *""Davis" "CMH" Exhibit"!
      [ Apr 2013]  *""Davis" Exhibit Check"!   *""Davis" Family"& Exhibit"!
      *""Davis" construction"!   *""Glass fit" George & Helpers!!

       (IWM POW Ceremony)
    [19 Sept 2014] [200+ visitors]+ Volunteers: ,Cricket & , + Staff
    IWM USS Indy Radio group..Ted, Steve & Chuck.

      <--*"Larger view"!
    also see   !   *"Ceremony Gordon Piper!"!

      [May 2014]. Col. Kaslar WW2,Korea & Vietnam Exhibits   *"Kaslar Exhibit"!

    [18 Jan 2015] [15+ visitors]+ Demo of the Sony O/H Projector for visiotrs , "Sprunce Hall"   *"Projector set up"!

       (Retirement Donna Schmink)also see   Exhibit VISITORS page.this date !
    [28 Feb 2014] [55+ visitors]+ Volunteers: Nina, Jessica,Cricket & Earl, + Staff
    IWM USS Indy Radio group..Jo Ann,Ted, Mike, Dave & Chuck.

      *"1st Award (18 Yrs service-by Nina)"!   *"Both Awards"!Left is the IN Guard "Legion of Hoosier Heroines"
      *"Donna & IWM-USS Indy Radio +"!

      <--*"Larger view"!

       (Ind.State House Day at the Capital)also Students Pass Port Day!
    [11 Dec 2013] [550+ visitors]+ Volunteers:Bob-O, Ted & Chuck.

      *"Students Break"!   *"IWM stamps 4 pass books"!   *"Checking their work"!
      *"Checking Booth info"!   *"IWM Display"!

      [31 Oct 13]. IWM Atterbury Barricks gst old Radio..S-38..   *"S-38 Receiver added to exhibit"!
      [16 May 13]. IWM Sponsored Salvation Army "Red Kettle" Lunch on the Circle.
      *"Kettle view-1"!   *"Canteen"!   *"SA TENT"!   *"Cooks Tent"!
    Luncheon/Fund raiser took place on the South side of the Soldiers & Sailors Monument from 10am to 2PM....
      [21 Sep 12]. IWM Sponsored POW & MIA Open House
      *"(Many Diferent exhibits )"!   *"(SA Donut Girls Served refreshments too! )"!
    Ceremony took place on the North steps of the IWM....

    [05 Sep 12]  IWM gets more Audio  (24)
    .   <--(see WW1 By-Plane exhibit)
      *"WW1 By-Plane Audio gear"!   *"WW1 Machine Gun exhibit"!
    [06Dec13]  *"(SA)Donut Girls" added"! [19Jun14]  *"Entry Lobby Audio"!
    [15Feb13]  *"Allison Engine" added"!  *"Allison book Cover"!  *"Tippecanoe"1812" added"!
     *" Vietnam Audios "! [13Jun15] *" Ranger exhibit Co"D" "!
    [24Oct12]   *"WW1 Harrison Audio added"!   *"911 exhibit gets audio"!   *"Civil War exhibit "!
    [20Sep12]   *"WW2 & B29 Audio added"!   *"US Navy gets audio"!
    [14Oct12]   *"1941-FDR repaired!"!   *"1941 Spkrs view"!   *"Audio Amp & CD"!
    [17Oct12]   *"Korean exhibit_audio"!   *"exhibit_audio-gear"(25may14)!
    [05 Aprt12]   *"Revolution war added !   *"Dave" modified Spkrs !
    [15 Feb12]   *"Lincoln Exhibit !  *"Jungle & Helo installed !
    [24Aug14]Jungle Audio Mod  *"Jungle "eclipse" !

    (Ind.Heritage Day at the State Fair)also Vets Day!   

    <-[07 Aug 2014] [700+ visitors]+ Volunteers: Chuck,Ted,Steve,Dave,Mike & Bob-O,Mark, Tony (0730-2030:) WW2IND station was on 2m(fm) & 40m(ssb)
      *"IWM Exhibit-setup"!   *"IWM Display"!   *"IWM Volunteers"!   *"SUN Power & Ham radio Demo"!
      *"Op Antennas Display"!
     some of the Booths visitors: *"Young citizen trying Ham radio"!   *"ISP radio cks"!
      *"ISF Friends"!   *"State Fair Ice Cream time"!

    <-[08 Aug 2013] [650+ visitors]+ Volunteers: Ken ,Dave, Bob-O, Mark, Ted & Chuck.
      Ham radio Demo (w9isf)<-Tnx Ken & Carl & Bob)
      *"Our Exhibit booths"!   *"IWM Display"!   *"Ham radio side(PSK)"!
      *"State Fair Queen & Ham radio Demo"! More Pix & Info Page

    [09 Aug 2012] [500+ visitors]+ Ham radio Demo (w9isf)
       Thanks Ken ,Dave,Bob-O, Ed,Ted, Rudy,Matt & Chuck.
      *"Exhibit booths"!   *"Early Pic"!   *"IWM Display"!   *"Ham radio Demo"!
      *"Rest time"!   *"Exhibit team(missing Ted,Matt & Chuck)"!

  • [06 Jun 14].IWM Circle Monument "Donut Day" (Salvation Army & Square Donut Co)  
      *"Circle @ Dawn"!   *"Canteen & Bert"!
      *"Square Donut Truck!?"!

  • [26 Jul 12].
    USS Indianapolis Exhibit (North Wall)
      (Ships Magnetic Compass Sysytem Demo).

  •    Thanks Dave,Ted & Rudy!
      *"Another view"!

  • [1]. Indianapolis IWM North Park; "IANG Annual Car show"
      (Event date:07 July 2012).
  • !  last07 July 2012   *"More Pix page    



  • [1].USS Indianapolis Exhibit (East Hall)
      (AM Radio Set Added+ WW2 Audio).
  • Thanks Dave & Rudy!
       last10 May 2012

      *"AM Transmitter!
      *"Exhibit Radio Larger View!

  • [1].Korean War (Jeep Radio Set Added).
    last05 Apr 2012

      *"Radio Installers!
      *"Larger View!

  • [1].Tuskegee Airmen (Jan 14-Mar. 4th, 2012).
    last05 Sep 2012

    [1].Military "Dog Tag" Multigraph Machine.
    [2]Big hit with visitors during 2013 & 2014...Thanks to Chase last08 aug 2014"complete"
      *"Info page
      *"Tag Info Sign!"12may2013
      *"30 Apr13_1st TAG printed !"
      *"1st Tag Machine Demo -Students...09May2013
      *"Exhibit & Dust cover + Key Cover
      *"Ted does training-Sears!"
      *"Light & Key Cover!"   *"Light & Key Cover!"(17aug14)
      *"IWM Livivngston's!"22Dec13 visit

  • [1].Temp Display in Radio room .   
    last11 Mar 2015
    (Motorola Handi Talkie Radio Set )
    6 Meter (52.525 mhz FM (450mw Pout)

  • [1].Military "USN Ships 1944 Signal lamp"(Replica).
    lastApril 2015"Under construction"
      *"Info page
      *"IWM display under construction!"   *"Shutter added!"   *"Sig Lite Builders!"
      *"Sig Lite Parts!"
      *"Complete!"   *"Sig Lite "ON!"!"   *"Complete & USN Flag!"
      *"Complete & Story Board!"

       [Item].Military "USA BC611 "Walkie Talkie"(WWII).
      *BC611 Batt's added.& Tested
    w/TCS gear (3885kc)."awesome"

    <- click for Larger Pix.
      see BC611 on Xmtr page
     Thanks,Ted & Mike &Dave

    [1].Military "USN Court Stenographer Typewriter"(1950-60).
    displayed in the USN CA35 Radio exhibit lastApril 2015"Under construction"
      *"Info page
      *"IWM display under construction!"

    Under Construction!